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Thread: Goat Hunt DG345 PWS--Whidbey Bay

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    Default Goat Hunt DG345 PWS--Whidbey Bay

    I am looking for information related to hunting goats in DG345-Whidbey Bay. I’ve done some searching and sent a number of PM’s (without response) to those who appear to have either hunted there or have knowledge.
    Primarily looking for options to get two people into the area via aircraft as I’ve already contacted a water taxi and would like a back-up plan should the weather not allow boat travel. Currently looking at an early October hunt.
    Also interested in areas that may be more likely to hold goats in the unit. I’ve hunted goats in PWS a number of times from boats, but have no experience with this area.
    Any tips or advice appreciated—i.e. accessing ridges from beach…Knowledge is a good thing.
    PM is fine.

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    Hunted it 2 years within shooting range of goats twice, just didn't work out. Typical K-Pen hiking from the salt though...steep, alders, devils club...ya know all the good stuff mountain goat hunting is supposed to be. PM me your number and we'll talk.

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    October is a bad idea. The weather rolls in in mid September and doesn't let up after that. We took a boat in last year with 10' seas crashing I to Whidby bay making it impossible to beach there. We hunted another bay off day harbor and was unsuccessful. There is a small lake behind the bay. Good luck finding a plane to take you that late. No one flies past mid September. Plan on getting stuck out there! Even though the coat may not be as good your chances of success ill be much better earlier.

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    Was with alaska_lanche on the hunt he speaks of. Weather was horrible, barely made it off the beach at the end of it, the outlet creek flooded camp during the worst storm the transporter had seen in 10 years. If you use seward water taxi he WILL NOT drop you off on the beach, we used a jet ranger to get to shore and try to run up the creek aways, ask him about the two crazy guys that kept going back for gear when we were trying to get home. JET RANGERS are not made for the OCEAN, but they do tend to catch air pretty well and float when full of water. We have made a promise to never return to Whidbey Bay, **** show like no other. Had one day to hunt got within range of goats, never connected, like alaska_lanche said typical K-Peninsula fun. Going that late in the year, the weather will beat you up if your not careful. My suggestion....... 15000 air miles to Kodiak. Good Luck

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    Alaska Lanche-tried to send my number to you, but your PM box is full



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    PM Box cleared man!! Send away and thanks for the heads up.


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