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Thread: An idea is the works, Benefit for the Kenai River.

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    Default An idea is the works, Benefit for the Kenai River.

    I have been tossing around some ideas lately about doing a Kenai River benefit. I have been working for Chilkoot Charlies for awile now and have run a guide operation before. I have kicked around the idea lately of doing some sort of benefit in our parking lot including workshops/seminars with some of the best fly casters in Alaska, a used fishing gear/outdoor swap and sell, a fly casting competition with casting ponds with some pretty great prizes, a salmon cook off, bands, ect. What do you guys think? I am currently in thought process mode but pretty sure I have the go ahead if I can pull it together. The Kenai has been great to me in my life and essentially helped me changed my life in a positive way. I want to give back. Any other ideas? Thoughts? I already have numerous lodge owners interested and a few dif manufacturers as well as Alaska Brewing!

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    What would the money go towards? Habitat improvements?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian M View Post
    What would the money go towards? Habitat improvements?
    Yes my thoughts exactly. You need to figure out where and for what the money will be used.
    I would be willing to donate a few fishing jigs to be sold if you figure out a worthwhile use for the $$$.
    Keep us updated on what your plans are.
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