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Thread: Saltwater sockeye tips?

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    Default Saltwater sockeye tips?

    Hey all my name is Chuck and i live in washington state, and there's a pier nearby that has had a decent amount of sockeye running past it on their way to lake washington. I've asked all the local tackle shops and some of the more experienced guys that fish there for kings what might work to catch them. Everybody has told me so far they won't bite until they get to fresh water (which sounds kinda weird considering salmon quit feeding then). I'm hoping maybe somebody on here might have an idea or two how to get one to bite. A couple things to know the saltwater area the pier is in is closed for anything other than kings right now (except when fishing off the pier) and snagging isn't allowed down here. Thanks for any help

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    Check this out man, mosty for trolling but it might help.


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