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Thread: New Coffee Stand at O'Brien Creek!

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    Default New Coffee Stand at O'Brien Creek!

    Did you get your limit??? If you guys are up at 4am waiting in line, swing on over to Bill's shack and get your morning coffee, espresso, latte, mocha, cappacino, and Americana. He just worked out a deal with AHTNA to set up a stand and will be running from July 1 through mid August. I just met Bill and he's a great guy, would love to see his business take off. Thought all you would enjoy knowing that you have a full service coffee house at O'Brien Creek now. He's on a cash only basis right now, so bring a few extra bucks with ya! I know this is borderline for advertising, but like I said, I just met Bill and wanted to pass on the information.

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    I was scoping Chitina out a cuople of days ago when I was in the area for work. I noticed that stand off to the side. Awesome.


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