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Thread: 26' hewescraft Alaskan on the Yukon/Koyukuk

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    Default 26' hewescraft Alaskan on the Yukon/Koyukuk

    I have a 26' Alaskan with the long cabin and twin 115's.
    My question is if you have hunted the Yukon or Koyukuk with a similar boat as mine. How far did you run and how much fuel did you use on the trip? Do you have any advice as far as the boat is concerned? I am not planning on doing this trip any time soon, and would not go without at least having someone with me that has been on the rivers before. I am just trying to see how much gas it would take for a boat like mine. I have not installed a Fuel flow scan on my boat yet but that will happen soon. Any data would be much appreciated.

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    I made that run last year in my Wooly AKII with a 150 Honda with the prop. I used around 300 gallons round trip from the bridge. I see boats like your up there often. Average run for me is in the 550 mile range one way, so about 12 to 13 hundred miles round trip. Fuel management is key on this trip.
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    Thanks stid2677.
    My boat is quite a bit bigger that your Wooly but thanks anyway.

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    Hey I actually remembered something that happened over a week ago......

    This should be just what you are looking for.

    Check out post #15 on this thread.
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    Thanks Akgramps. That is great information.

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    Figure on burning 500 gallons. I have similar boat.

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