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Thread: Sonar / Radar question

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    I am aware that there are some fantastic electronics packages available today for fishing the saltwater. Simrad , Lowrance to name a few seem to be some of the finest available. My question relates to the sonar /radar element of the same packages. I am aware that the present devices create life like presentations on board of the cartography under the boat or in the very near vicinity. Is there a package available or indeed the technology for the radar to search the water further out from the boat, i.e. 1 mile in circumference of the boat ( under water )? It would surely be an advantage to identify large schools of bait or even fish with this method. Thank you

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    You're probably talking multi-beam sonar or searchlight or omni sonars, as distinct from what the popular fish finder companies are now calling "sidescan" or "side imaging." Popular fish finders that pimp themselves as "sidescan" are actually pretty limited, taking advantage of the side lobes from their transducers, as opposed to real scanning transducers. Orders of magnitude differences in price and installation details, too.


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