I was planning another trip to Alaska in sept of 2008 for either caribou or moose but my hunting partner changed jobs and cannot go. I am pretty bummed out about this and looking to find someone or a group to get a hunt going together. For those who aren't in the know...Most caribou drop hunts cost about $1,500-2,500 and out of state tags are about $350-ish with the lisense about $85.00 There are of course other expenses such as shipping and butchering of meat and antlers, travel expenses and lodging...I am 28 years old and in good phisical shape. I have all of my owne gear needed for such a hunt and have done it before. I would like to arrange a hunt with at least 3 people so that if 1 cancels then the other 2 can still go. If anybody is interested then just drop me a line and I will give more info.