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    Went down today to take a couple pics of the new bridge I have heard about. It went in adjoining the parking lot, rather then having to walk across the mud hole to get to it. From what I hear it is open and useable but off limits to ATV users (for now). That will be a hot issure to be decided in the future.

    When I got there today the road was blocked, so no pics until Friday. Contractor is putting down crushed asphalt surface all the way from Hayflats road to the parking area. They have added a new parking lot for additional parking, and a pad for the caretakers RV that will be keeping a watchful eye out on you duck hunters to make sure you follow the rules. Hope this sounds a bit sarcastic, it was meant to. This was all decided way ahead of my involvement with APH. The bigger parking lot will accomondate many more vehicles pulling trailers with ATV's if that is the way they decide to go. There are big plans in the works for the Cottonwood Creek area. Most of what I've seen involve the upper area, refered to as Boyscout Ridge. Thats ok with me if they leave it at that. They are talking about a 100-300 yd long boardwalk from the bridge out to one of the first ponds for those who might not make it though the mud without getting their high heels muddy.

    There is a lot in the works, we need some input on this from us, the ones who hunt and use the refuge. Hope to hear back. Bud

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    Great a boardwalk, and potentially more ATV users to thrash the place. F'ing awesome. Maybe by the time my son is old enough to hunt it will be a drawing permit to shoot one duck per year....


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