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    Was hoping for some help on a bracket! I have an old boat trailer that is made out of 2-3/8" round tube steel I have been mounting a deck and such on for an ATV. The one problem that I have with this trailer is the way that the leaf springs are mounted. They are bolted to the axel on each side as normal, but not directly to the frame. They have two L-bars that run across from each leaf spring to the opposing one under the frame, and the actual frame of the trailer is welded to the L-bars about six inches inside of where the leaf springs are at. The big problem with this, is that over the years the L-bars have bent due to the stress. I have no idea who designed this, and why it was built this way. What I need to do is cut off the L-bars, and mount the leaf springs directly under and onto the trailer frame. Basically what I am looking for is a bracket that will go directly from the leaf spring on my trailer, and mount to 2-3/8" of round tube steel running directly in-line with the spring. Thanks!

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    Channel steel with a 2 3/8 opening or angle steel should work? It would fit around the tubing and give you a flat surface to weld to.

    What about just reinforcing the angle?

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    Yeah I hadn't considered it before but moving the leafs in one the axel also means welding a new leaf seat...

    Here is what I am looking at. Taking the weight off, taking the twist out and reinforcing it is a possibility. ImageUploadedByTapatalk1372290318.105402.jpg

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    Go get two lengths as wide as the current leaf spacing of 2x3 1/4" square tubing and weld them cross-wise. One welded all the way across for the front spring mounts and the other welded across for the two rear spring shackle mounts. Should also give you some additional strength to the trailers structure as well.


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