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Thread: 2nd Amendment Documentary in Anchorage

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    Default 2nd Amendment Documentary in Anchorage

    Assaulted Documentary Premier July 18th

    A friend of mine set up a deal where if you want to see this movie, you can go to the link below and buy a ticket. If enough people buy a ticket, they will show the movie, if not, you are not charged for the ticket. I dont know a ton about the way this deal works, nor have I researched the movie other than reading the synopsis. It does look like an interesting documentary and I saw it billed as a response of sorts to the micheal moore movie on guns.

    I'm not endorsing anything, nor do I have any connection with this, but anyone who's interested check it out. Might be a night out meet -n- greet for the AOD shooting forum..LOL.

    The documentary movie Assaulted: Civil Rights Under Fire is scheduled for a premier at Century 16 in Anchorage. This is a 2013 documentary about the second amendment as a civil right. Unfortunately this movie is not being screened by normal methods.

    I have setup a premier of the movie so the people in the Anchorage area can see it. The way it works is if the theater gets enough ticket sales they will show the movie. Go to this website and purchase a ticket. Your card will only be charged if the event gets enough ticket sells. Since this is a special event the tickets are $11.

    At the website you can watch the trailer and read about the film. Please consider buying a ticket and showing up. I would greatly appreciate if you could pass this on to anyone and everyone that you think might be interested in seeing the movie

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    Tom Gresham had the producer of the movie on Gun-Talk last week. I'd love to be able to see it, but it'd cost me well over $1k to fly in and see it. I'd buy a dvd though.
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