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    Just got off the East Fork to Talkeetna run. Water in both the East Fork and Mainstem was very high with both the East and Middle forks running cloudy. There was one log across the river on the E. Fork that we cut out but other than that there are no impassable log jams. Water is moving as fast as I've seen in 8 trips and you need to pick your line early to stay out of the numerous mid channel root balls.

    Overall a great trip, 3 days and 2 nights with about 17 river hours to the pull out in Talkeetna. The water was rising as we left and it was difficult to even tell where the take out is due to the combined high water to the Su, Tal and Chu.

    Fishing was very slow except for some west side tribs.

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    Anyone run it last weekend? Looking for an update on hazards and water levels. Planning on running it this coming weekend.
    Thanks in advance.


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