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Thread: Eagle River/Palmer area fishing

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    Default Eagle River/Palmer area fishing

    I'll be up for a few days this week, and I'm looking for a place to fish that's relatively easy to access(can't afford too long of a kitchen pass from the wifey). I'll fish for just about anything, but I'm not packing much more than my waders and my red pole.

    So, what's good there?

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    There isn't currently any salmon fishing in the area to speak of. Some folks are patient enough to cast for king salmon at the Eklutna Tailrace (odds are very low and you'll need to purchase a king stamp), but other than that and Ship Creek in Anchorage (also low odds), you're looking at either stocked trout in any number of local lakes or possibly pike in Lower Fire Lake.

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    Thanks Brian. Might just pitstop at the Russian and wave my wand at the water a while if the weather is decent.

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    Ship is the only game in town right now. It has produced some pretty decent fish over the last several days if you take a look at the bait shacks facebook page. These large tides seemed to have help the fish do what they need to. Not sure how long it will be good for but it never hurts to take a shot.
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