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Thread: Troublesome Creek/Kesugi Ridge black bear?

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    Question Troublesome Creek/Kesugi Ridge black bear?

    Hey there,

    We're thinking of heading up to Byers Lake for MDW. I've never stopped in there. Was going to hike the trail in, then either south on Troublesome creek trail, or north on Kesugi Ridge trail. Was just going to be a hike, but then I saw blackies were open back there. I heard Troublesome creek trail got its name from the bear population. Has anyone had success back there? Also, does anyone know if the lake is loose up there? I was thinking about taking the lake boat with me.

    Thanks in advance for any info


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    Default don't know

    I'm not sure about the other areas, but double think Kesugi Ridge. We hunted it last fall and saw several groups of hikers, which I'm sure spooked any bears. I think there would have been fewer people on Flat Top if that's possible. There was even a guy playing a ukelele or banjo. . . or something up there. And the tourist hiking group we saw didn't seem to be too impressed by our rifles. Maybe there are fewer people in the spring, but it seems to be a pretty popular place.

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    was up at byers on the 6th, the lake was still frozen over but close to open around the edges. As far as bears, from what i have heard it's more brownies than blacks. Either way, there is some good fishing in the area. Good luck.

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    Ive been there quite a bit this time of year. Bears seem to really scramble off of there in the spring. The fall is a better time there. Browns seem to be the most common ones there too.

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    Default watch the boundaries

    Just my two cents, but you need to be very careful where you pull a trigger in that area. Most if not all of both Troublesome and Byers Creek drainages lie within Denali State park, and you must be more than a 1/2 mile from buildings, and 1/4 mile from trails. I think that means the trail itself, but in Hatcher Pass that means trail heads. I looked in the '06 hunting regs for clarification, but it didnt' even list restrictions for the park. Instead, it said you must contact the DNR office for more information on hunting within the Park. I just know that that has been the regulation for Denali State Park, and I've not heard of it changing. Also, you must be 1/4 off the Parks Highway within the State Park to discharge a firearm. Bows may be prohibited by that rule too, but I'm not positive of that.

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    Default thx!


    Thanks for your good comments. We are hoping to get in a great hike and some fishing on the lake. Should be a good time!

    Well, I think taking my rifle might become a last minute decision. Sounds like more brownies than blackies Just to clarify what I picked up from DNR, you may not discharge a weapon within 1/4 mile of the Parks Highway, within 1/2 mile of developed facilities at the campground or the trailheads, or within 1/2 of the Byers lake trail. Makes sense, because there are people all over the place. Once you hike back in past Byers lake a 1/2 mile, then you are fine. You can hunt the trail along Troublesome Creek and Kesugi Ridge.

    Thanks again, Enjoy your MDW!



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