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    So I am going to be in Alaska the 4th-12th and am going to stay a couple nights in Seward and have read some about catching flounder and other fish off the docks with live bait. I am mainly going to be fly fishing the rivers on the peninsula, but thought this would be a good change of pace for the wife and me.

    I have never done this before, Is it pretty fun? Whats a good set up and what kind of bait should I use? Or can anyone point me to a good store there that can get me rigged up?


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    Fish House/Bay Traders is right across the street from the harbor, you'll be able to get what you need there.

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    Thanks. appreciate the info.

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    Most of the harbor fishing is done with a weighted trebble hook.

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    I have caught a few starry flounder from the bank/docks in seward using a piece of herring on a jig hook about a foot or so off the bottom

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    You would do well to follow Bsj425's won't be disappointed!!!!

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    I've found Berkeley gulp shad/minnows on a quarter oz jig head produces almost as well and you don't have to worry about bait going bad over several days. But chunks of herring, you can't go wrong. Lately it's been all starry flounders. But in the past there has been interesting assortments of sculpins, small cod, and other flatfish.

    Starry flounders were a blast. With an ultralight, my 8 year old had his hands full cranking them up. And he's caught Kenai Reds before so he does sort of know what he is doing. I was more than impressed with a light rod.

    You will lose tons of gear until you figure it out but you can catch small rockfish and greenling casting off the rocks on the road leading to Millers Landing by the sea life center.

    Here's an avg side starry that we were catching one day off the docks.

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    Thats awesome! i appreciate the info and thanks for sharing the PIC nice fish. Sounds like ill have to check it out.


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