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Thread: Black Bears in Homer

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    Default Black Bears in Homer

    Was looking to go claming in Homer this weekend and was wondering if there are any good areas to look for blackies. I was thinking of trying tutka bay and jackalof bay. Anybody know the area? Thanks

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    If you got room on a boat we can give you our experince and details of the area. We are heading to homer tonight about midnight. we got 2 bears there last year. We had a friend with a boat and he bailed on us last minuet. Were getting a ride across tomorrow morning but would like to have a partner for hunting black bear and halibit. I have lots of halibut gear and we would be willing to pay for all opperational costs. Call me tonight before 12-1am. If not call my buddy justin at 907-322-5390 were heading over on thursday at 8 am to an undisclosed location lol unless you call.

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    Anyone seen any black bear activity in Kachemak Bay?

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    Default week of 6th

    If anyone is going Balck bear hunting out of homer during the week and need someone to go along let me know willing to split expenses for the oportunuty to get a bear

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    Look low on the flats. Spend time early in the day as the bears will be more active. Also there is a short hike in jakalof bay. You can hike up about a mile to a clearing and I hear thats a good area!!! Well good luck.
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