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Thread: Father's Day weekend 2013 video

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    I had a great trip out with Capt. Jim, Tony 'Famous' Davis, Kristen Dunn, Rob, and Jerry aboard the Outa Wac. Started off Friday in Seward harbor getting prepped for our company. Jerry and Rob came in late Friday and we had some adult beverages and stayed up way too late. 6am came around quick and Tony called shortly thereafter to let me know they were almost there. After messing around for a couple hours we finally departed for Montague Island in search of quality bottom fish. After a long ride the first two fish to the boat were 70#s and 40#s...after that nothing. Pulled the pick and moved a bit and landed in a dogfish hole so we went to Latouche for the day. Over in Latouche we had non-stop action albeit smaller fish. After a long weekend we made our way back home Monday night with limits of everything and some great memories. Was a pleasure to get out with Tony and his girl and gave Kodiak Custom Fishing Tackle a true workout...with great results.

    Link to a quickly produced video here...

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    Great Video Charlie. We fished Seward today and got skunked. I think I lost my MoJo. What a dissapointing trip. But the boat is in a slip until the end of July. Plenty of tries at halibut/lings to come.
    BOATLESS for now......
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    Send me your phone number and I will help you a bit.

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    Cool video Charlie, That looks like an awesome boat to be on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by wingshooter12g View Post
    Cool video Charlie, That looks like an awesome boat to be on!
    Thanks much...the boat is truly a pleasure to be on til cleanup time. LOL


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