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Thread: Davit to launch zodiac

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    Default Davit to launch zodiac

    So the Down Eastah is a 22' Sea Sport and I've been trying to come up with a logical way to load and unload my zodiac. Has anyone ever put a davit on the top of the wheelhouse on a sea sport. Pot builder sent me some pics of a few he has seen but nothing on a seasport. Any input would be helpful!

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    I mounted a Spitzlift on my Hewescraft and could load and off load a 12' 160# AK Series by myself. Once the boat was in the water I used the lift to pickup and mount the 20hp Yamaha. Google Spitzlift. They have several mounting brackets. I liked my lift so much I bought a new one after I sold the boat. I also use the lift to load heavy stuff in my truck with no back strain.

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    The benefit to the set-up Pot Builder has shown you is the dual purpose it provides. You can load the raft as well as pull shrimp pots with it. Just a thought to keep in mind.
    Great Land welding has fabbed up quite a few and might be another avenue to look into.
    AkMud is crafty and reasonable with alot of positive feedback, he might have a solution as well.
    Either way, please post a pic and details when you get it figured out.


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