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Thread: Bay kit install ?

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    Default Bay kit install ?

    Hello- I bought a boat with a Yamaha 115 4 stroke- it came with jet and prop lower units(with bay kit). The prop was on it when I got it- and I switched to the jet- no problem pretty straight forward. Now I'm switching back to the prop and having trouble getting the lower unit back on. The issue is with the bay kit you have studs hanging out of the power head so I cant rotate the shaft to get the splines to line up. Any one have experience with this setup- I'm sure there is some easy trick I just can't figure out what it is. Thanks

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    I'd take off the cowling and try to rotate the top pully so the motor rotates therefore aligning the splines. Also, if you haven't already, lube up your baykit extension really well. They tend to get stuck inside the powerhead after awhile. About the only way to remove it is to remove the entire powerhead.
    An easy fix to this is to drill and dap the end of your baykit extension shaft to fit a piece of allthread. That way you can screw it in and yank her out at the end of the season.

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    Have you tried turning the prop to make it line up?

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    +1 on moving the Flywheel to line up. Moving the Prop won't do it, since you should be assembling in Neutral. Also, +1 on the grease. Grease on anything you would like to get apart again if it is going in saltwater. Bay Kits are handy but they can be a bear by yourself, it's handy to have a helper to hold things or move that flywheel a little bit. Keep an eye on your water tube extension and shift shaft extensions as your pushing that lower unit up, you don't want either of those to miss and it's easy to miss the line up with all the pieces extended like that.
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