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    Has anyone floated the Tonsina this year. Was just wanting updates. Thinking about floating this weekend.

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    The Tonsina is a monster with lots of class 3 and lots of log jams.It eats rafts!


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    Default Tonsina

    I have not ran it this year, but have in the past in a kayak. Have you ran it before?

    If you have not ran it you will encounter 5-6 rapids that are class III-III+ at medium and lower levels, at high water a couple will appear class IVish. These are not really hard in a raft, however, the Tonsina has some real potential wood danger that could be lethal in rafts. We encountered a mile long section of flood remnants scattered 10ft high down both banks with two river wide strainers that were mandatory portages, one was in a really bad place.

    All in all; not hard, but... it's different.


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