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Thread: advice for buying boat with a 3k budget in juneau

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    Default advice for buying boat with a 3k budget in juneau

    So far i have not had much luck with finding skiffs around Juneau that run reliably in this range. Maybe im being silly, but for 3000 I would think i would be able to do so.

    I was wondering if you old salts had some recommendations for a guy on a budget to look for when purchasing a boat. I drive a 78 foot catamaran for work, but there are pretty big differences between that and smaller crafts. I am looking for something inexpensive but forgiving in case of user error or snotty weather. Thank you all for your time.

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    You'll generally find better prices and buys in the fall. 3K won't buy a whole lot of boat or engine(s) - the first thing you want to be buying is a safe boat that you can rely on to get you home, comfort is econdary. Start saving and keep a weather eye out for somebody letting go of an old Bayrunner or Western skiff.


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