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Thread: Ordered my 2284 Raider Cuddy today

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    Default Ordered my 2284 Raider Cuddy today

    My wife & sat down and ordered the boat today. 2284 cuddy, extended transom, solid bulkhead, 225 Honda with 9.9 Honda. Tandem axel, disc brake trailer, and some extras we thought essential while others we just thought foolish. As far as the heater and crab davit go we'll install later ourselves. Electronics I'm getting locally in Juneau just in case there are issues.
    I want to thank all the helpful people out there than directed us in this direction. We are not the fancy types that want certain comfort items. Hell I've spent nights sleeping on ledges hundreds of feet off the ground tied off to cams and nuts, spent many a day storm bound in the mountains trying to reach a summit, so having a nice utilitarian boat is like the Ritz Hotel to us.
    Mike and the dealer should have to boat to me in about 3-4 months. We realize Raider had a sudden surge in popularity this year and we made it known to the dealer and Mike we were not in a hurry as we still need to equip our house with all of our house hold goods which are still in storage. We've been on the road in our 1994 9.6 northern lite camper since 30 March.
    Thanks again and once it's delivered we'll be posting photos from the Juneau area.

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    Congratulations! Hope to see you out on the water.

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    Way to go!
    Lets have some pics as it progresses!
    Curious on the warranty period for the Hondas? Not sure when they redesigned the 225 but there are quite a few of those motors here in homer that have thrust bearing issues. Being a Honda they likely addressed/fixed that as it became a known problem and with occasional recreational use wouldn't think it to be troublesome.
    There's a big Raider in the harbor here that I'm fond of, looks well built.


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