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    Default Trim Tabs

    I want to install some trim tabs on my 22 Sea Runner Soft top. Opinions, comments, experience on electric or hydralic? I hade found a few post on this, and am looking for the pros and cons of both. Suggestions?
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    Default tabs

    I had trim tabs installed on my old 24 foot Alaskan. They were Electrotabs I believe. They worked flawlessly. They were one of the best things I added to that old boat. I have no experience with hydralic tabs.
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    Default tabs

    Try web, RiverJet magazine, Get on forms, and search, Theres bunch of great stuff there..

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    Default Proportional Tabs

    I have these on my boat and they work excellent. They came factory-installed and are the spring loaded type that deflect proportionally to the boat speed - keeps the bow down coming out of the hole and allows trimming the boat using the motor so the prop stays square with the water surface. Some claim that they decrease efficiency since they oppose boat motion, but I noticed at lease 3 gph decrease with them. I think the reason for the large increase on my boat is I could never get the bow trimmed down enough without them.


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