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    Default Richardson Highway Report

    Lots of ice/run-off! Summit is still virtually locked in with approx. 25-50 ft open water on the edges. Wanted to fish Gunn Creek for grayling but it is blown out. The outlet of Summit is open/high/stained. Paxson is wide open, but it is very stained at the north end from the runoff. I didn't get eyes on Tangle Lakes. The Gulkana isn't especially high, but it has no clarity right now. Just like the Klutina, it resembles the Copper River in color...even above the west fork, but especially below. For those headed down to dipnet, there are plenty of spots to get some snow for your coolers IVO summit. We were delayed a total of 1 hour each way by road construction. Now, on the plus side, we did find some very hungry grayling in the clear-water creeks feeding the Gulkana. Bead head nymphs did the trick. Weather was phenomenal, scenery was fantastic, and it was a great time with friends!
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    Thanks for the update. Is the construction north or south or both of Glenallen? Thanks again.

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    All sides of Glennallen!

    Tolsona River Bridge on the Glenn, Downtown Glennallen Tok Cut off , Richardson and up near Paxon.The summer from hell when it comes to road delays! I spent 20 mins going to and coming back from Paxon this morning! Uggggg!

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