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    I'm headed out Thursday and intend on doing a lot of fishing after work. my brothers been catching a ton of dollies that are pretty nice casting lures and I am trying to catch any and everything allowed just curiouse if any one has fished the beaches out there much and if so any tips would be helpful and what mite I catch.

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    The stretch of beach between the airport and the Grand Aleutian hotel is great for fishing dollies. Go out to Summer Bay and try snagging for Reds. They come in pretty thick some years plus you might a get a flounder or two. I wouldn't be surprised if halibut came in there too but i've never had the time to find out.
    Later in the summer, pinks will flood the Iliuliuk Creek. You can get some fresh ones in the salt too. If you have access to a boat Broad, Nateekin and Captains Bays all hold halibut.

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    well im staying in the apt. building in that stretch rite next to LFS those two buildings and the wearhouse next to the airport along with the mall are the buildings we are working on so I have great access to one of the spots!

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    I fished next to the bridge one day last year and caught a couple of nice greenling. I was there in September and folks were snagging chums and silvers behind the hotel.


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