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Thread: Chitna Dipnetting project- interested?

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    Default Chitna Dipnetting project- interested?

    Hey folks,

    Looks like I will be in Chitna this coming weekend. I am writing a section on Dipnetting for the site, and will be doing some photography and some video to go with it. I hope to interview some dipnetters on video, explaining how they do it, special techniques and so on. If you are interested in participating, let me know ASAP, and I can meet you down there. It would be great to hitch a ride with someone by boat up into the canyon area for a bit too, just for video and pics. If you have room let me know, okay? I promise I won't get in your way or interfere.

    We will be doing the same thing on the Kenai later this summer, so I may see you down there too!

    Shoot me a PM if you are interested!

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    Sounds like great project u probably know this but a lot if the boat people camp at the the mccarthy bridge. I bet u could drum up some interest there. Good luck

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    Would love to but I already slayed them this year. Could be difficult this coming weekend with the water level. If you can't get the footage you need this year, keep in touch with me next year and I'd be happy to have you along!

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    Hem's charter has shut down for that time period not because there's no fish, but because its not safe there then. You're making an action movie?


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