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Thread: June 21 600 yards

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    Default June 21 600 yards

    20 rounds for record, unlimited sighters, 30 minute time limit, any sight, any position, any rifle; Shooters will be required to pull targets and score.

    The Alaska Rifle Club Summer Solstice Match will be held atthe Ft. Richardson Pedneau range on Friday, June 21. Sign up time will be5pm(1700) in the parking lot and a fee of $15.00 per shooter will becharged. We will start shooting at 6pm.

    Who want to shoot, at a target 600 yards away, in the evening on thelongest day of the year? It is a good opportunity to experiment withsomething different. This is a 600 yard match with unlimited sighters andtwenty shots for record in thirty minutes. Shooters will be required to pulltargets and score. Bring what you've got and shoot what you have. Therewill be all rifle disciplines and some hunting rifles, Garands and who knowswhat. This is a fun match with no NRA limitations other than safety andscoring. We will allow muzzle brakes and suppressors.

    The club has loaner M1 Garands and AR15s that you can use for the match. We have ammo (for sale) or you can bring FACTORY ammo (NOhandloads). If you want to use a rifle contact me.

    The Army has tightened the rules on bringing firearms onto the base. Because Pedneau is not on the main base, we do not have to worry aboutthem.
    If you go through the main gate you must register all firearms.

    The Army range control has taken a firm stand on range rules. There will be no personalvehicles other than the emergency designated vehicle on the Range. So, eitheryou have to carry your equipment or put it in the emergency vehicle.

    This mailing is for members ofthe Alaska Rifle Club and other interested parties. We do not share our memberaddresses with anyone! Your address is only utilized for communicationsfrom the ARC.
    If you would prefer not to receive our e-mails in thefuture, please reply with the word “Un-Subscribe” in the subject line.

    Hope to see you Friday!

    Mark Friest
    Alaska Rifle Club

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    Wow, sounds like fun, wish I was up there.

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    This should be fun. Heck I killed my moose at that range. I have had folks talk about shooting their Caribou a lot further away than that. How hard could it be? I bet that some of you other hunters out there will show up and try your luck. I wonder if the Tacti-cool shooters will come also? After all, It's just a piece of paper with a big black spot on it. Nothing as tough as a steel plate--right? Oh, I forgot--the distance will be in yards--nothing as cool as meters. I'm going to bring my .338 Lapua. Hope that you all will "man-up" and show up!

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    What ammo would you have for sale? In 30-06 for a Garand?

    What targets will be used?


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    check w/Mark on the ammo

    target is NRA MR-1 standard 600 yard with black 7 ring, that is 36inch diameter

    bring bug dope, water and tp for the head...bugs are hungry at the range

    optional, but nice to have: optics help for scoring, good spotting scope and tripod is best /binos can work;

    expect to stay until all the gear is restowed, allow for 3 hours minimum thanks

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    BTT come shoot


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