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Thread: Looking for salmon mount examples, specifically the wood/branch bases

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    Default Looking for salmon mount examples, specifically the wood/branch bases

    Ok, long story short, my father turns 65 in a few weeks. He was instrumental in exposing me to the outdoors and hunting and fishing. I owe much of my knowledge and love of the outdoors to him. That said, it is about time I return the favor. I have decided to try to surprise him at his birthday with a trip next year up to Alaska for some fishing and maybe a black bear hunt if I can make the dates work. I would love to get him up the Haul Rd for caribou since he likes to bow hunt but I am afraid it might be too much. I think some fun salmon fishing and a chance at a black bear would be a pretty cool trip in itself. I think the big trick will be finding dates that overlap for a good salmon run and a bear season in similar regions in mid to late August.

    With that, my plan for his present in a few weeks was going to be just a stump/branch from a tree and a card. I am sure he will be confused by the gift until he reads the card which will say something like "You showed me the amazing wonders of the outdoors...blah blah...sappy sappy...blah it is time for me to return the favor. To get you started, here is a base for you to mount a salmon to that you may catch next year when you come with me to Alaska...". While we will be fishing mostly for meat to bring home, I know a couple spots where he might have a shot at a red or silver in spawning colors that he would want to keep to get mounted as a trophy from his trip.

    So, I am asking all of you for some ideas and feedback on what is typically used as a mount base aside from just a standard wood plaque. I guess I could just give him a plaque but I was looking for something a little cooler. For instance, down here and more in the South, cypress knees or other "native" trees are used as mount bases. Is this typically done up in Alaska or do you use just any old tree? If so, is there a "native" tree or look I should try to emulate? I know I can probably use any old piece of driftwood but i thought it would be cool to try to keep it authentic. If there is nothing really specific, I might even be interested in paying the shipping if someone had a really cool piece of driftwood they thought would work. I assume that a decent piece would be dry and not weight an excessive amount. I might be able to find something on a river or lake around here but it would be cool if the wood itself came from Alaska too. Thanks for any suggestions.

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    Im not a fish guy, but here is a Sockeye that I produce.. Repro blank, fins, etc.. Its just setting on a peice of drift wood I found on the beach out in PWS on a spring bear hunt.. Cut down to size etc..
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    Very cool. That is kind of what I was thinking. Then again, I have changed my plan for his present since I don't have cool driftwood around here. Still, that is exactly an example that I was looking for. Thanks.


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