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    I am coming to go fishing on the kenai pennsular june 4th thru the 18th .I was thinking about taking a few days to go black bear hunting any suggustions.All would be appriciated

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    Head for the mountains. Seriously, just get on one of the many trail systems on the peninsula and head high. And then glass, hike, glass, and glass some more. There's lots of bears, but they might be starting to rub by then. Still tasty, though, as they shouldn't be into the fish yet. Good luck!

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    Bring a good pair of binoculars. You can successfully hunt them from the road. Early morning and late evening, glass the slopes of the hills along the road system. Concentrate your efforts up behind Cooper Landing village, near the Y going to Seward and Kenai. Between the Y and Moose Pass. Then all along the strech from Turnagain Pass to Summit Lake. Pretty easy to find them, just a little bit harder to stalk and get them. Usually takes about four hours to stalk and get them. Any of the pull offs with good visiblity will usually produce a sighting. Some are closer to the actual point of where you can climb. In Moose Pass, you can walk cross at the railroad track and go to the hills behind the village to the east. Here you can get into real good bear country, but it makes for a long day or even an overnighter.

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    Thank you for all your help and some ideas of where to go.Much appriciated



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