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    Default Fish Baseball

    We started a baseball/fishing game when it was slow. Rules were one drift down the stretch fishless was a strike. Three strikes and we went to shore to fish an eddy for awhile. Each boat driver got three strikes.

    Changed the rules when Chris's turn came. We decided to go a whole inning before changing drivers; nine strikes. A red was a base hit, and started the count over. A king was a home run.

    So Chris started driving, and got three strikes right away; one out. Then we caught a red, so we had a fish at first with one out. Three more fishless drifts and we had our second out. Didn't look good for the visiting team.

    Started talking about how cool it would be to load the bases with two outs, then catch a king for a grand slam.

    Caught another red: two outs, fish on first and second. Made another drift and caught another red: bases loaded with two outs.

    Next drift, caught a king. Grand Slam. Only God has that kind of a sense of humor.

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    Awesome...the little things we do to make sense and fun of our hobbies...will have to try it next week when I get down there...hopefully it stays consistent...

    Quick Question, about how many days does it take for the Reds to get to the canyon from Miles Lake...ready your charts and looks like this week had a lot of fish trying to plan it right for next week...thanks for your help...

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    Sounds good, do you find dipping above the bridge better or below the bridge how far up do you run. Thanks

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    Default Above vs. Below

    Pros and Cons

    Pros above the bridge:

    • Different Permit: way higher limits
    • Gas: way less
    • Timing: opens earlier
    • River: fairly simple; shallow on the east, sand bar separating channel just below the fish wheels
    • Toilets, well port-a-potties.
    • Dumpster
    • Campground
    • Quick run to town if you want

    Cons above the bridge:
    • Don't have a good excuse to run the canyon
    • You feel bad when they're slaying 'em down below and they haven't arrived above the bridge yet.
    • Limited fishing space. Could get to be quite the boat rodeo.
    • Occasionally people wrap their boats around the bridge.
    • Wind can be an issue.
    • Port-a-potties: BYOTP on the weekends

    Run up river depends on where you find the fish. We only went up so far as the mouth of the next creek upriver, where it boils and twirls. Most of our fish were caught closer to the bridge.


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