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Thread: Lake creek early Aug Lures/Flies?

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    Default Lake creek early Aug Lures/Flies?

    I have a 5 day float on lake creek the first week of Aug booked and was interested in what would be the "HOT" lures and Flies for that time of the year there. We will be targeting Silvers mainly but hope to catch some other species also. Have been tying egg sucking leeches in black,Purple, Pink and Chartruse already. Any other flies or lures you would suggest?
    How does the Yarn and hook thing work for the silvers? Is it as productive as it is on the Kings?

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    Beads, stimulars and turks tarantulas are all I fish in august, unles I feel like catching a silver then I use an egg sucking leach. Yarn on a hook works but I prefer watching salmon swim to chase down my fly, god I love silvers.
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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