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Thread: Pinks near Anchorage

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    Hey guys I moved from up north to the Eagle River area this year. Never fished the pinks before and my daughter is wanting to go fishing. Anybody recommend a good place to take a young girl and catch pinks. I know Valdez is good but was hoping to stay a little closer to home.

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    Bird Creek, Hope, and I'm pretty sure they come in ship creek too. All the parks hwy streams have them. When they are running they are pretty much everywhere.
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    Its hard NOT to catch them on the Parks Hwy streams when they are in. Last year we went out silver fishing at Montana creek and caught only God knows how many pinks lol. Also like Duck said, Bird Creek and Hope are also pretty good for Pinks.

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    Is this correct - pinks run every year but the runs are stronger in even numbered years??

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    Ingram Creek is good also.


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