Ispent the past four days on the Deshka and I wanted to tell you guys and gals,what a good time I had fishing with you all. After my girlfriend caught a KingMonday night my boat shut down on the way back to camp 2.5 miles up river. After a couple of guy and I tinkered with it,she ran back to camp only to break down again ľ up from your camp site. We hadto paddle bake to camp. We spent the night and packed up and paddle down riverat 7:10. We stopped at the Deshka RiverLodge had some coffee and breakfast. Andy hooked us up with a phone call toLarry Heater for a tow at about 9. We then floated down to the mouth and fishedtill 6:30, when Larry towed us backed. I got skunked that day, but mygirlfriend (Mereadith) landed a 25-30lb King. Maybe it was 80 or 90, hard to tellwithout a scale. LoL. Thatís rite, I got out fished by my girlfriend. Bigthanks to Andy, Larry and the guys who helped me with my motor. To the CoatGuy, Hope you get to wear that coat for another 19 years. Itís confirmed, I am a Dishka River Junky.