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Thread: Applying for a Kodiak brown bear tag.....

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    Default Applying for a Kodiak brown bear tag.....

    Ok, so I want to apply for a Kodiak brown bear tag and need some advice on which tags to apply for. Im looking at fish and furs web site and its saying something about areas being fully mostly or entirely in exclusive guide areas??? Im not real sure I know what this mean. Does it mean (what I think it does) that if you dont hunt with a guide its restricted or unhuntable by oneself? Im looking at success rates and tag numbers, but am unsure what the terrain looks like. Not that I think Kodiak is ever going to be a cake walk, but I dont want to kill myself or my hunting buddy and would like to see bears. It would be my first Kodiak hunt and really dont care about size (to a certain degree). I will contiune to research locations and success rates to see what I would like to apply for, but would like to know from those who have drawn and connected to see where you think I should go. Thanks in advance for helping me out.

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    NO..if a resident you can put in for any area on Kodiak and hunt it without a guide. Remember there are some areas that will require a tressapass fee. (Native corp land etc) small percentage though and should be annotated on page displaying tag number info. Disclosure if you will.
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    Everybody has their favorite place on Kodiak based on where they hunt or where a friend suggested. You are doing it the right way by looking at the stats. Success is somewhat deceiving unless you look at how many hunted. There are a supprising number of people that take the time to apply and then don't go when drawn.


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    Get away from town and look at native land ownership maps, then apply for areas in between. All areas can be tough pick ones that have multiple access points because you won't be the only tag holder. Long narrow areas are less user friendly that rounder/square areas. Draw odds don't fluctuate much I'm the decent areas.
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