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Thread: Eagle River Campground Rapids?

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    Default Eagle River Campground Rapids?

    What is the status of the huge log jam at campground rapids? Are rafts able to run it on river right through the "normal" slot? I saw it about four weeks ago and it looked pretty bad. If it cleared up that is a nice after work run.

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    Haven't run it my self but my buddies did several times and pulled out just above the camp ground rapid saying it looked too sketchy and wasn't worth the risk. good luck and remember if your not having fun your doing it wrong!

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    Took a look on Saturday - that is one big pile of wood. Can't tell if the right side is open - will need to get over there to check - too risky to eddy out on the right and check it. At current flows it looks like the left is runnable - but, if you goon it and you spin right you're in trouble - we ran Lions Head on Sunday instead.

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    You probably already know the river is crankin' and the gage is broken. As you can see from this photo (from this morning), there is a lot of wood on the move. You can get a good look at it off of the VFW road.



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