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Thread: Fishing pressure over the summer

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    Default Fishing pressure over the summer

    Does the fishing pressure let up later in the summer? Sounds like a lot of combat fishing for Kings early on. Was wondering if it is still shoulder to shoulder when the Silver salmon run. I love to fish, but hate crowds (used to the wide open spaces in MT and WY). I'm still a non-resident and don't know if I can stomach the extra $100 for a King Salmon tag. Will try to target Silvers later on.

    Can you escape the pressure if you have a boat? I recently bought a 15' zodiac with a 35 hp prop. Plan to take the kids out on the lakes, but would really love to take them after some silver salmon later on. Any advice so I can start planning would be appreciated. I live in the Eagle River area.

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    You can find places away from crowds. Both for Kings and Silvers. For kings, avoid Ship Willow and Montana--good fishing, but lotsa company. Hit Goose, Sheep or Caswell and just walk a ways to get away from the combat fishing.

    Silvers-- not nearly as much pressure and it's much easier to get away from crowds. Plus there are generally few restrictions.

    I'm not familiar enough with running the rivers here to know what you can get to with your zodiak.

    You wouldn't happen to be the guy who just moved up from Wyoming I ran into at a party my Realtor had awhile back in Eagle River, would ya?

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    Nope. I moved here from Wyoming last fall, but haven't been to any parties and don't know any realtors. Do live in Eagle River though.

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    Crowds definitely die down as the summer goes on. I'm sure you've heard of the shoulder-to-shoulder combat fishing at the Russian River for red salmon, right? Well, here is what the Russian looks like in late July or early August when the crowds have thinned (after a 3 mile hike upstream from the campground, of course). Saw a grand total of 10 people on the river that day, none of whom were fishing within sight of me.

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    If the fishing is HOT and there are tons of people, you won't generally see me. I do stop at Deshka if the fish are in on the way home and get my fish.

    Ship Creek is a great place to learn the ropes. Sit back and watch!!! Wear a hat and glasses. Fish early or late. Learn the tides. Stay out of the mud.

    Silvers are fun at Little Su, Bird Creek, and the Parks Hwy streams.

    Don't overlook the non-salmon fisheries. Pike, trout, lakers, grayling. You can have the whole lake to yourself at times.

    There are alot of places to use your boat. Use google earth to look around. Use the stocked lakes page on fish and game for contour maps.

    You can always catch a ride with someone for a day of learning the ropes. I definitely don't know everything, but if I have an open seat.........


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    I'm partial to the Kenai Peninsula and salt walter areas around their (PWS, Resurrection Bay, Katchemak Bay).

    It seems after the late king run shuts down on 31 July, the Kenai quiets WAY down. My personal opinion is that the fishing is the best of the season the 1st 10 days of August, as reds are still in the Kenai, silvers are just starting to show, the rainbows and dollies are VERY active with all the carcasses and eggs in the water.

    That's not mentioning the silvers available in salt water in Resurrection Bay throughout the month (they actually start showing up in late June/early July out at Pony Cove - ~24 miles out of Seward). I see a lot of smaller craft (zodes, open bow skiffs, etc) outside of Seward trolling for silvers in August. And then of course there is silvers in Valdez that border on the ridiculous . . .

    Man, I'm going into fish heat just thinking about all these adventures to come . . .

    Get out and enjoy them no matter where you choose . . there's no bad choices.

    Tight Lines, SH

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    Crowds and good salmon fishing never mix, I never get why anyone just sits in one place not catching anything and I'm all alone a quarter mile away wearing out my gear
    I choose to fly fish, not because its easy, but because its hard.


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