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Thread: Rem 700 Titanium value guess

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    Default Rem 700 Titanium value guess

    I have a few too many 30-06s
    Thinking about selling one

    It is a M-700 Titanium mountain rifle ( they later added 2 inched to the barrel and called it the Alaskan Ti.)

    I added a Trigger basix trigger set for 2.75 pounds.

    The metal is Currently it is painted but that comes off with a rag wetted with denatured alcohol.

    I can't find many for sale in the usual places to look. I have a couple guys trying to trade me, but I have no idea if it is worth $900 or $1400....

    It is the bottom rifle.... I am so busy right now I do not have time to take a new photo
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    Buds had them at 1642.00 new. Add scope, rings and such. $1400 is still a cheap price right now.
    Here is a current add in Fairbanks.

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    They have a classified section for guns, those Titaniums sell mighty quick on there. You can look through the old posts and see what they got for them. You don't find them for sale too often but when they do they sell quick.

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    I've seen them for sale out of state for $900, maybe a bit more with the trigger.

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    I have a few titaniums, one just like yours, and a couple in the newer version, and one in a custom I had Lex at rifles INC build off of. Honestly, I would hang on to it, I talked to Remington custom shop a few years back and they are not making them anymore. They are sought after by mountain hunters because you can do alot to lighten them up. I've actually seen some pay $1000 just for the action, However if your bottom price is $900, I'll be glad to take it off your hands. Honest opinion to me, if your rifle is in excellent condition your probably looking at $1400 -$1500.

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    Put the rifle on gunbrokers and allow the free market to determine the value. If you don't want to do that then search gunbrokers for completed auctions and what they sold for in the recent past.

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    I will give you 1200
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