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Thread: Where to get a deal on a outboard

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    Default Where to get a deal on a outboard

    We have a 22 foot Uniflite cabin cruiser that has a 225 hp Johnson oceanrunner on it and we would like to get a more fuel efficient motor for it (right now we burn over 20 gallons an hour).Any ideas on where to find a great deal on outboards (new or slightly used) ? Any suggestions on how much horsepower is needed to get one up on step ansd still be efficient with fuel ? Any websites you recommend ? We are fairly new boat owners and welcome any advice/input.Thank you.

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    Well, if I had a good one to dispose of, I'd give it to you for a couple of oyster deliveries! Uniflight is a fiberglass boat, right, so heavier than an equivalent aluminum 22' ? I would think a Honda or Yamaha 150hp would do the job on an aluminum boat of that size for less than half the fuel consumption you currently have. I burn about 12 gph at 26knot cruise running twin Honda 135's on a 26' Hewes. You can get some deals on new Honda motors that are 2012 or 2011 year models. I know that Boone at Ravencroft Lodge ( bought two new, former year's models, 150 HP Honda's last year, you could contact him and see where and how he got his deal, I think he did well on them. A 225hp Honda or one of the new lightweight 250 Yamaha's would probably be plenty of motors, but I don't think any deals will be available on those new Yami's. Some good prices on those former year, new Honda's and Yamaha's are available down here in the lesser 48, especially Washington state, but then you have shipping. Let me know if you want me to check around for you, glad to do that and tell you what I find.

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    What you need to consider when powering a planing hull is the gross weight you'll be operating at, then deviding that by 25 and that is the ideal size of engine for the boat. Per uniflite your hull is 5600#, add engine weight, fuel, gear, passengers and you're looking at an easy 8000#'s, which calcs out at 320hp for an ideal power plant. To get the minimum size engine you devide the gross weight by 40, and that yields 200hp. So your 225hp engine is on the small side for the hull. What that means is you need to run the engine WOT, and that's when you burn alot of fuel. The thing is, if you go to a new 225hp 4 stroke, you'll still be burning ~20 gph at WOT.

    Believe it or not, the way to get better economy is to run a larger engine. If you went with say a 300hp engine, you could run it at it's cruise rpm and you'd be burning ~15 gph. The trouble is, repowers seldom pay for themselves in fuel savings. It's going to take a long time for a 5gph savings to pay for a 300hp outboard.

    I would caution against getting a used o/b that was used on a charter boat. Those engines are run hard, and sold when they are just about ready for a full rebuild. A friend bought a used charter boat with twin 225's and one of the top ends went out on them with the repair bill to the tune of $9000
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