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Thread: EO restrictions for the Gulkana and Upper Copper River

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    Default EO restrictions for the Gulkana and Upper Copper River

    I posted this on the rafting forum also...the department of fish and game is closing the Gulkana to the retention of Kings starting Saturday. Emergency Order #3-KS-05-13 also prohibits the use of bait and treble hooks. Only one King can be retained in the rest of the Upper Copper.

    I was hoping to keep a King this year but the emergency order is a good thing in the long run.

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    That is going to leave a mark! I called Fish and Game today and the reasoning is not based upon any fish count, the Miles River counter only counts fish and the Tower on the Gulkana is a mess, destroyed by this years high water. So the EO is based upon "Low Expected Returns" . You guys on the Kultina should expect the same.

    I will be contacting all of my King clients and offering to return your deposits.

    Gulkana Raft Rentals


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