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Thread: Lil sue parks to Burma

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    Default Lil sue parks to Burma

    Anyone done it yet this year? Any 'road blocks'? Thinking bout takin the Grumman out. Any info appreciated. Thanks

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    yep I did about 3 weeks ago and wasn't nothing to speek of. there was one log across that depending on the water level you will have to take the slough around it. I took my 8 foot pontoon with a Honda 2 horse and it took 7 hours and a lot of stops to replace sheer pins and I was very sore the whole next week.

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    The river above Schrock is a log jam paradise. The flooding last year made a mess of it. Glad to hear the lower end fared better.
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    Ok thanks. I drove to Houston and the river looks to be pretty dang high. Good thing my 6 horse doesn't have a plastic prop..

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    my 2 horse does have the plastic prop and I did break half a blade off. then again it is a long shaft I was a little further in the water then I would have liked. I regret not using my 14 foot canoe cut down slightly to make a square stern due to how much the pontoon dug in and I wouldn't have gotten soaked on a chilly cloudy long day! im curiouse though of the idea of plastic vs. steal prop to the abuse absorbed by the sheer pin for. I know if mine had a steel prop I would have not broken it or maybe if it was metal would have it bent? never thought much of it but if anyone has insight on this idea it would be appreciated so I know when I replace my broken prop

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    Left the road at 2:45 and pulled into Burma at 8:00. Pretty much just had the Suzuki 6 horse kicked in gear the whole time...ran a couple times on step for about 15-20 mins. Water was high and only hit bottom once, which was my own fault. No log jams...was fun


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