Hey guys...I've never posted on this particular forum before...in fact, I skimmed through the threads here for the first time this week. Therefore, I'm not sure if this thread is appropriate or not for inclusion here, or of interest...if not, please move it Brian. That said, I found this article from NPR last month interesting on many levels:


Like most of you I'm not glued to the TV or spend loads of time on the internet, but I've personally not heard much of anything negative in the popular media about wind-powered energy alternatives...only positive, which I now find curious (especially in AK). We do appear to be seeing increased development of Alaska's wind-power resources here in ANC and elsewhere in our state...so this topic appears relevant to this forum and Alaskans, especially with our endangered and massive migratory bird populations (which is important to many people).

Does anyone know if the information contained in this article was part of the permitting processes for places like Kodiak or Fire Island? Is prospective monitoring underway to measure the environmental impact of the wind farms currently in operation and those intended for operation in our state, or that process reserved only for mining and other similar industries? I really don't know the answer to that question, and I'm not trying to be obnoxious or bait anyone...I'm truly trying to be objective.