Anybody using an Aimpoint on their hunting rifle?
I've gotta admit that my use of red dot type sights is pretty limited to a few rounds with other folks rifles. I'm curious, some of the AR shooters are shooting pretty well with them and then there's that Tom Opre fellow.

I've killed enough stuff with irons and low powered scopes to question whether magnification really brings much to the party when hunting at average ranges (0-200yds). A 2MOA dot will only cover about 6" at 300yds- which is pretty much my limit for shooting.

Biggest advantage I can see is that multiple folks can use the same rifle and the POI won't change- head position on the stock doesn't matter. The Aimpoint is also (supposedly) impervious to water on the lenses since there is no magnification- something I have had cause problems when hunting with a regular scope in the rain.

What are your experiences with an Aimpoint?