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    Hey guys, I've got older Yamaha F-100's (twins) with the basic yamaha digital tachs and wanting to get flow scans or something similar. What do you guys recommend for brand and ease of install?
    I think the newer tachs have an option for gph? Limited on dash space so if cost of new tachs not prohibitive would consider that route as opposed to more gauges.

    Does someone make a single gauge gph meter to switch between motors?

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    If they are electronically controlled motors, you might look at Lowrance's LMF 200

    They are relatively inexpensive, will require a interface to connect to your motor/s

    heres the manual

    If not you could still use use the gauge but would need a paddle wheel sensor, just like a floscan....
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    I have a Garmin sounder/plotter/chart networked (nmea 2000) with a Garmin fuel flow meter and Garmin DSC VHS radio. Depending on what you have now you may be able to find a like brand to your sounder/etc and network it, that will not take any more space than what is occupied already.

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    I also have (diesel) fuel meters interfaced with my Garmin NMEA 2000 set-up. They work great. On previous boat had Flo-Scan (brand) gauge and sending units on twin gas inboards. My friend has twin Yamaha outboards and just installed Flo-Scan (brand) meters and is having problems. He says there is something about Yamaha's fuel system that makes the GPH reading funky. Supposedly the "totalizer" works right, just the burn rate is jumpy. Even the Flo-Scan literature warns about compatibility with Yamahas, so do your homework with whatever you decide on.
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    You can still use the Lowrance unit (I believe the LMF 200 has been replaced with the LMF 400) with older engines, but you do need to add a fuel meter if the unit can't "speak" to the engine. It's a slick setup as it also provides an accurate fuel gauge for your tank. It's nice to know how many gallons you have left vs. hoping your float gauge is semi-accurate.
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    I have the Flo Scan brand on my boat.
    One gauge has the digital tach, gallon per hour and total gallon used.
    These type of gauges pay for themself in the long run.
    They teach you the most economical rpm to run your boat.


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