salewa.jpgI recently purchased a pair of Salewa Condor boots and thought I'd pass along how pleased I am with them. I got a deal on them through work so the price was right, but even at full price I feel they are worth it. They weigh a little less than the Kenetrek hardscrabble's and Scarpa Wrangell's that I was also considering. I wear them for work on the mountain and they fit well and arn't too hot on warm days. I did a little scouting up in unit 20a a few weeks back and they required zero break in and didn't cause any hot spots or blisters after 6 miles of mixed on/off trail hiking. I also took them for a walk up Falls Creek trail to check out some sheep/views/work off my winter coat. The trail is somewhat steep and there was snow for a good portion of the upper bowl. A few streams to cross and no leaks. There was a fair amount of scree side-hill once we started up off the trail to the west ridge and the photo was taken after both adventures. The boots have a nice heel pocket and fit my feel really nicely. It was one of those fits that you know is going to be great the moment you slide your foot in. I've owned a few pair of scarpas and they have always been so-so fit wise but tolerable. My wife has Kenetreks and loves them, though I don't have a hook up with them so the price was not as appealing as with the Salewa's. I won't be throwing out my Scarpas though as I don't want to do any welding in my new boots as they are not a full leather boot. Full leather has it's advantages but they sure take a long time to dry out and can be a bit heavy. The Salewa's have a slight rocker to them and enable a smooth stride as opposed to the ski boot feel that some flatter soled boots have. Toeing in on rocks and hard snow was solid and the sole is stiff but not dead feeling. There are some little cam-locks on the third eyelet from the toe that lock the laces and then another lace lock just below the ankle cuff that allow for multiple zones of snugness that I really like. Wet roots are slick but thats the case with every boot I've ever had as well as pretty much all but my studded mtn bike tires. All in all the boots are well made using quality materials and time will tell as to their durability. As for comfort, I can confidently say that I have never had a pair of mountaineering boots fit as comfortably as these out of the box (or even after breaking them in). Check em out if your in the market for new boots. I doubt you'll regret it.