Wanted to take some time to introduce myself and a product that allot of you might already be familiar with here in Alaska.

A few months ago, I was looking for the Daisy Chain that is utilized for trolling. Someone on here hooked me up with the info and after visiting with Jerry Bechhold with Bechhold & Son Flasher and Lure Co. He ask me to join his team. I am honored to help Jerry introduce his products throughout Alaska, gain some reviews, interest and help promote what we believe to be some of the best trolling gear on the market today. Many of you have used his gear, whether the Flasher, Rotary Bait Holders, Daisy Chains or the Bait Balls. He has some very effective equipment for trolling for Salmon along with many other species that inhabit Alaska. Best part is it is all made here in the USA and sold in over 500 stores world wide.

I introduced Jerry to the Social Media world recently and developed our Facebook Page to help with marketing and allow us to stay in touch with our customers and fans. Great way to view the gear, keep up with our latest promotions, post pictures, reviews, see price list, pictures, catalog etc. We are currently running our first “Likes to 60” contest to get us started. The fist 60 likes get a chance to win a FREE complete Bechhold Slammin' Salmon Trolling System(Includes all 6 components). We will announce the winner when we hit 60. Then very soon after, I will start another one for some more great gear as the Salmon move in.

The website has been around for a long time. I am currently developing another one on a different platform that will be much easier for our customers to use and navigate through. I expect to have it up in the coming months ahead. Ordering on the website is not as easy as it could be, so I ask that if you do place an order over $17.00 please mention you saw our ad of Facebook to receive a FREE trolling fly of your choice. I have developed new price list and forms necessary to order and they can be obtained via email if you find it challenging at the website.

If you are interested in Bechhold & Son’s gear, have questions, would like to try some, we would love to have some reviews, (either video or written) so let me know. I am looking for Charter Captains, and anyone that uses trolling techniques while targeting Salmon, Lakers or Trout in general.(not restricted to Alaska)

We are also going to help sponsor the Seward Salmon Derby this year and I will down there handing out some brochures on our latest invention, Catalogs, and FREE Kahunas (while supplies last) to applicants of the Derby. It’s been the hottest item for years in regards to trolling for Salmon. I will also be documenting some videos as well discussing the many options and techniques that can be used when utilizing our gear. Look for that in the future on our Youtube channel and Facebook page.

I am currently on my last leg of my Army career and retire very soon. I will return to Alaska later next month. Send me your questions, request, or remarks in regards to interest, and we can start working something out. I will update the sponsorship post on the front with my phone number upon return.

In the meantime if you are interested in placing orders from Alaska, becoming a retailer of our products, please contact me. I have everything you and your customers need to get started on using our gear to put more fish in your boat!
If you would like to know more about our gear, (The latest invention) Bechhold Slammin’ Salmon/Trout Trolling System, or any other items we sell, please do not hesitate to PM me or send me an email to AKFlasher2@gmail.com. I will do my best to get back to you just as soon as I can.

“Tight Lines”

Hugh Clark
Alaska Connection to
Bechhold & Son Flasher and Lure Co.