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Thread: The Lower Gulkana is Now Open!

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    Default The Lower Gulkana is Now Open!

    Ok...As the unofficial Dean of Rafting on the Gulkana River I officially declare the Gulkana ready for rafters, and safe! I just got off of the Gulkana at 2:00 pm today and it is ready to go! I launched my first batch of rafters today and headed down with them just incase and its is no problem.

    Safety items:
    * Sailor's Pit launch is a mess and you cannot drive down to the river. We are balking down and having to use 4wd to get back out.
    * There are many trees hung up on every gravel bar bit there are no real problems with sweepers and strainers.
    * There are some new channels and you don't want to take them! Some have no way out once you are in, stay in the middle of the main river.
    * The strongest water-class II+ is in the first 3 turns of the put in. Strong current towards the outside of thew tighter bends.
    * Read the river! New hazards this year!
    * Poplar Grove is very tough right now as the cut bank is straight down with no beach area. Give it 3 days and it will be normal(ish)
    *Sourdough is still a mess but cleaning up daily. A next door neighbor ran his Jet Boat down from SD yesterday and no real problems but the gravel bard and very muddy with lots of logs to deal with. Camp spots are going to be an issue for another week but you will have lots of fire wood!
    *The take-out (Richardson Bridge) is a real mess! A major log jam on the South bridge abutment and it should be avoids at all costs! Right now it is safe to come in along the bank-south side but at the water drops you will have to run in the center and the current out there is very strong. Remember if you miss the take out at the Bridge you will end up in the Copper and that can really mess up your day!

    Pump up that raft and lets get after it!

    Give me a call if you need anything!

    Gulkana River Raft Rentals
    15 rafts strong!
    Rafts, Canoes and Kayaks!
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