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Thread: Eureka/Belanger Pass trails

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    Default Eureka/Belanger Pass trails

    Does anyone know if the trails at either Belanger Pass or Eureka are rideable on atvs yet? Looking to take the wife and some friends out in Saturday.

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    Belanger wasn't last weekend, but could be this weekend :-)
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    Thanks for the tip! We rode Belanger Pass on Saturday and for anyone headed that way this weekend you might want a report so here it is. The main road going over the pass has a couple of huge patches of snow that cannot be crossed so you might want to take the lower trail. Once at the top it appears the road is pretty much open from what we could see. We took the trail on the right at the top of the hill that follows the ridges. That takes you down into a creek that flows from what I believe is South Lake. From there the riding is good but a bit muddy. We rode past 2 mining camps down into the Nelchina River basin then back the same way to the trucks. I wouldn't recommend riding past the 2nd mining camp(small cabin just of the right of the trail) due to the trail being washed out.

    Did not see much as far as critters go, just 2 cow moose and 1 calf, some wolf and bear tracks too. Next trip is Eureka and hitting some trails we've never ridden before.


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