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Thread: Advice for First Time Alaskan Fisher

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    Default Advice for First Time Alaskan Fisher

    Howdy folks!

    I come to y'all as a first timer in Alaska. I am a native Texan, and fished here and in Colorado by both Fly fishing and Tight-lining. My girl friend and I are headed up to Alaska on a Cruise here at the start of July, and we are very interested in fly fishing during and after the cruise itself. She has never fly fished before, but is very interested in attempting it.

    Our Trip is going to include stops in Whittier, Anchorage, Denali, and Fairbanks.

    I personally have no interest in Combat fishing or lake fishing, and really would just like a quiet spot to fish and teach her how to fly fish. What I really need to know is where can we go, what kind of flies are we needing to use, and when do we need to hit these sites. My own experience in Colorado is only fishing for Trout, which I understand is quite different from the Fish y'all have in your streams.

    And advice, pointers, or friendly points in the right direction are helpful and welcome. Thanks!

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    when you come to fairbanks head up the chena river "chena hot springs rd" I would fish around mile 50 walk down to the river and study the water. just about any thing will work. im a fan of the blue dun myself

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    Scott Haugen has a great book "fly fishers guide to alaska". It is full of maps and info about where to fish.


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    The Highway Angler is another good reference book.

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    hey unbiased,

    some pretty incredible fishing can be had in july. if your not into fishing the crowded areas for reds a few options do remain. try fly fishing the susitna river streams such as the willow, sheep and montana creeks. they are usually not too crowded in mid july and offer decent salmon action. try fishing egg patterns and colorful leeches. in fairbanks the upper chena is a sure bet. zero crowds and healthy fish population.

    Please make sure to understand the regs and treat our rivers with respect.

    Tight Lines!



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