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Thread: August Sitka Deer?

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    Default August Sitka Deer?

    Hi all, I'm going to be up the last week of August to help my dad with a Wrangell-to-Ketchikan leg of a sailboat trip. We'll be up there a week based off the 40' sailboat. Thinking of heading over to Prince of Wales for most of it. We'll mostly be fishing (coho I'm anticipating) the creeks, but I'd like to bring my bow up to try for deer. I've hunted Admiralty Island in November, and lots of Columbia blacktail down in WA, but never on POW. I know they're mostly up high at that time of year, but would it be reasonable to expect to see a shootable deer or two somewhere closer to the water that time of year? Thanks for any input.

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    There are always some deer down low, regardless of the time of year. Some never go alpine. I'm convinced most deer will come down and feed on beach grasses and intertidal vegetation as they cannot get some minerals and vitamins from other sources. EARLY morning and LATE evening along beaches is a good bet for a shootable (buck only) deer.

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    Take the back waterways from Wrangell to K-town. Deer island is a good bet with a bow as well as Thoms Place and the SE side of Etolin.
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    Thank you both! Not totally sure what the route will be - could be we'll be swinging by the northeast coast of POW too.

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    Pull into any of those bays on the Island and have a look around. Get a little elevation if you have time.

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    Early morning low tides are your friend. Deer down, watch out for the flies though. They can be BAD in August, and in no time at all you're dealing with maggots. Don't bother with the cheesecloth "deer" bags, though. Get the heavy moose or elk bags.


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