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Thread: Winter kill?

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    Default Winter kill?

    Anybody else hearing any stories/rumors or seeing evidence of winter kill? My local jewel, Polaris on EAFB, did not fare well this winter. Upon ice off, I was greeted with an intense smell of dead fish and the sights of dozens of dead char and pike along the banks and on the bottom, with gulls having a field day. What a shame, I watched those char go from 13-14" to 18-20" fatties these past few seasons and was looking forward to seeing how they had progressed this year. I saw a couple pike in the 30" range floating around. Truth be told, I don't care a whit about them dying. In my two trips there this spring, my fish finder has been silent and I went without a single strike while trying to ascertain the extent of the damage. Normally I mark dozens of fish per trip. The lake is not completely dead, though. I did see a guy get a couple of pike near the bank, and I suspect there may be a few char still around.

    Today a work buddy of mine said he's getting reports of the same on Quartz.....lots of dead fish. I can't speak for Quartz as I haven't been there, but have witnessed firsthand my local lake's issues. Any thoughts? Oxygen levels due to a longer winter, maybe? I do recall very dirty water and bad results when ice fishing this past Nov and Dec, this from a normally crystal clear lake.

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    Some one else on here made a thread about Quartz with an article. It said there were hundreds of dead fish in Quartz lake.


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