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    Not really a training specific post but I was unsure whereelse to put it.
    This past March I lost my GoPro camera between the Placer and the train tracks. Yesterday I took the dog to walk the "trail" in the hopes of finding the camera. No luck on that count, but since we were there we spent a few hours exploring the area. Now, I know this place is no great secret as indicated by the 12ga hulls--everything from recent to ancient but, as a potential ducking destination, still new to me.

    We got of the beaten path(s) and found some promising spots for impromptu blinds I think, since I'm usually willing to walk, we'll invest more time exploring. Pup had a ball galumphing through the wet and muck and at one point crossed a deep hole. She must've touched a stick with her foot because she immediately dove under and 10 long seconds later came up with it. She crawled out of the water and proud as a prom queen pranced over to me with this 5 foot long spruce pole. I told her to leave it and dug the bumper out of my day-pack. I threw some bumpers for her and we worked our way further south.

    In one of the spruce stands we encountered a small black bear. At first I thought it was a cub but later figured it for a two year old. It was peeking at us from behind a large spruce. We watched each other from 25 yards or so for a good minute--enough for me to get a few fuzzy cell phone pics. I called pup to heel and after a few seconds she saw the bear too. She barked her challenge bark and split the distance 'twixt me and the bear. The little blackie and ran and pup held her ground until the bear was out of earshot and then came back to heel on her own. I was very pleased.

    On the duck front we saw mallards, shovelers, GW teal, and scaup. Next time I'll remember to bring the bino's.

    It was a good day afield and pup had that dog-smile the whole time.
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    Now that story paints a nice picture. Only thing that could have made it better was finding the camera. But you have the rest of the day to remember. ARR


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